We all want flat abs but if times short then calorie burning cardio often takes priority over workouts for abs. Giving priority to cardio isnt a bad thing because its the type of exercise that is most likely to have a positive impact on health. Howev

Sprüche zur Einschulung - erster Schultag - Kreativzauber®

kurze und kreative Einschulungssprüche - Glückwünsche zum ersten Schultag und zum Schulanfang. So kann die Einschulung kommen !
Sprüche zur Einschulung die es garantiert nur hier gibt. Tolle Glückwünsche zum ersten Schultag - gebastelt und auf eine Karte geschrieben

18 ways to survive the first eight weeks with a newborn - The Mummy Bubble

Have you just had a baby? Here are 18 tips on how to cope with those difficult first eight weeks as a new mom. #parenting #newborn #baby #momlife
The first few days of having a newborn baby are a blur of shock, excitement and awe. And then the interesting stuff begins. As your baby starts to wake up a bit and stops being quite so sleepy, things begin...

13 Decisions Parents Have to Make Before Baby Arrives - Very Anxious Mommy

13 Decisions to Make Before Your Baby is Born, new parent decision, parenting newborn, newborn baby tips, preparing for birth
Once you find out you are pregnant, you may think that all of the decisions have been made and you can just sit back and relax until your baby is born. But truthfully there are a ton of different decisions you need to make before your baby is even born. 16 Things To Do As …

How to Support Your Husband as a New Dad - Imperfectly Perfect Mama

Parenting advice for when your husband becomes a dad for the first time. Learn how to support your husband as a new dad. #parenting #newborn
Okay mamas! You have done the hardest job of all. You delivered a precious baby after carrying for 10 whole months. You’ve endured morning sickness, night sweats, and heartburn. You haven’t had a good night’s sleep, a shower, or a good meal in DAYS! You have put all of your energy into taking care of… →

Familienregeln können euren Familienalltag erleichtern

Der Familienalltag ist manchmal ziemlich turbulent und chaotisch. Mit Familienregeln könnt ihr ein bisschen Struktur und Sicherheit in euer Leben bringen. Wir haben für dich einige Regeln als Beispiel gesammelt. #familienregeln
Sie geben deinen Kindern Sicherheit und Orientierung.